“Recovery” (Short Prose) 3TC-Three Things Challenge #33 – Word of The Day Challenge – FOWC With Fandango

Hi, All!  Before I write my peice I wanted to say how much I enjoy reading other bloggers take word prompts and create something from them.  Some of you are so damn good at it! I admire the poetry and stories that everyone comes up with. 

Today, like yesterday… I’m giving it a go with the following prompts.  The moment I saw them, I knew exactly what I was going to write about.  

This short-prose is quite personal to me. A fictional piece, but based on true to life experiences for an alcoholic and their recovery. 

Thank you in advance, for reading this piece.


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(Short Prose)


It was during an AA Meeting, (Alcoholics Anonymous), that one of the guest speakers from another group got up and spoke.

“Hi, Everyone, my name is Lou, and I’m an alcoholic.”,  and the group reiterated with a welcoming, “Hi, Lou.”  They all sat in there chairs sipping on coffee and nibbling away on cookies that had been served.

Lou shared his story about being an alcoholic by carefully selecting his words and being completely honest with the group that sat before him.  His ordeals of being an alcoholic covered a broad spectrum of many years of abuse and of being an addict.  He lost his job, his wife, and his family barely had any, if any respect for him.  It was a story quite similar to those who listened intently.

As most stories shared in AA groups, Lou knew he could share other things such as funny and silly stories, but he held his head down and paused for a moment.  He then looked back up at the awaiting group for him to continue his story.

“Listen…” Lou began to speak again.  “… I’m not proud of what I’ve done in my past, I make no excuses.  I have fallen off the sobriety train rails before.  It’s not easy, guys…”, Lou paused once more.  Then resumed, “…I thank God for my sponsor and sticking with the program.  I stand here today to tell you, that you can do it, I’m living proof.  I now have a stable job and recently got engaged.” 

He looked around the room once more.  Looking at the faces of newbies as well as seasoned veterans of AA.  A sense of pride hit him and tears welled in his eyes before he began to speak again.

“Hi, my name is Lou, and I’m an alcoholic.  Today, I celebrate my five-year sobriety anniversary.”


BC 2019

Your three things today are: rail, broad, honesty



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      1. Hello Beckie! I must be upfront here and tell you that my personal struggles are not in that area. But as for the aspect of hope and telling your story and being accepted, I fully underscribe the message of this post! (I just don’t want to start with a misunderstanding). Thank you for responding.

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