About Coercive Control

REBLOG: Cynthia, of “Cynthia Bailey Rug”, shares this post regarding Coercive Control by a Narcissist.


Narcissists clearly are experts in the area of controlling.  One lesser known tactic they use is called coercive control.  It is most commonly known to happen in romantic relationships, but it also can happen in parent/child relationships.

Coercive control doesn’t always involve physical violence, yet victims wonder if they don’t obey the narcissist, will it turn violent one day?  Fear is a great weapon, & those who use coercive control are well aware of that fact.  Often without so much as touching their victim, they instill a deep fear in them.

There are other signs of coercive control that people need to be aware of abusers using.

Intimidation is a big red flag.  Towards the end of my first marriage, my ex was trying to intimidate me by punching things other than me.  After, he would tell me how lucky I was he was hitting the walls instead of me. …

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  1. Just wanted to know are people who abuse a lot and make u do everything they say coz oft fear of their anger also narcissist…if one has to lie coz of the fear of their anger ..not violence but abuses..is it narcissm..

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    1. Note: I wasnt the original blogger who posted this piece), However, my experience was…
      Pretty much love at first sight and he was kind and sweet. This lasted a ear into the relationship. When I moved with him, little things changed. He was a bit critical towards certain things I did, but I figured it was just a mere adjustment to get use to.
      It wasn’t until after we got engaged in 2012, things made a turn for the worse. We had gotten into an argument not even three weeks after we got enganged, and he smacked me in the mouth. He apologized like crazy thereafter, but my guard was already up.
      A narcissist can be very suave, charamatic, and charming. Can wrap you around his finger. Make you feel like you are on top of the world, then without warning treat you like a stray dog kicked to the curb.
      He had only hit me that one time, but it was the emotional and mental abuse that was what slowly did me in.
      I was already a full blown alcohol, he kept buying me more and I would keep drinking, (he was an alcoholic as well). When my depression worsened, I opted with suicidal ideation due to the neglect, and emoitonal/mental abuse. When I acted out on it… He freaked and became more irrate, more challenging and was almost assisting in a way to end my life.
      If it weren’t for my mother getting me out of the apartment and admitted into a hospital, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here now.

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