My body is not an apology – Megha Sood

REBLOG: Megha Sood of “Megha’s World” was recently published in “Whisper and Roar” – This is an amazing piece that deserves a round of applause!!! Congrats, Megha!!!

Whisper and the Roar

This body–
my body is not an apology
it’s a prayer
Forgiveness wrapped in the filigrees end of my skin
frayed at the ends
battered for so long
by your pointy convictions
and cookie-cutter rules which try
to shape and mold this body along

My body is not an apology
it doesn’t desire to fit in a frame
mapped inch by inch
else they are ashamed
My body is not an apology
its a roar, a declaration
an unapologetic
straight truth in your face
a war cry,
a deafening scream from the silence

My body is not an apology
this body will not be mapped
a benchmark for beauty,
an attempt to hide the crows-feet
or the spider veins
from your vile eyes
and your forked tongue

My body is not an apology
but a safe haven
an epitome of affection,
a metaphor for crimson love
which flows in…

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4 thoughts on “My body is not an apology – Megha Sood

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    1. Women are quite rough on themselves, you’re correct. The industry that pushes the perfet body, hair, etc… Should be ashamed of themselves.
      Women are more than mere objects. Women have so much more to offer. Thank goodness, most women are striving to break the barbie doll mold, and show we are worth more than skin and bones.

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      1. I completely agree! I’ve probably told you several times (short term memory) but my wife is not ideal to a lot of guys just because she has weight issues. And I’ve been around too many guys and women who think fat is comic relief. But I’ve never had to worry about my wife for anything. She’s been exactly what I need for over 15 years now. And I’m pretty thankful that people are shallow lol!! They saw a big fat joke. I found a woman in the truest form with loyalty, respect and love.

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        1. That is one of the most loveliest things I’ve ever heard a husband say about his wife. Your wife is a lucky woman.
          The last relationship I was in was nothing but ridicule over my weight. Then again, I lived with a narcissist. Nothing I did was ever good enough.
          It’s been almost 5 years since then and I am fortunate enough to have gained control over my thinking again, for myself. Yes, I’m overweight, but I love myself and my flaws. There is my story and my history.
          I’m a survivor. That’s all that truly matters to me.

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