“Winding Road” (Short Prose) 31 Days of October Challenge #8

Weird monster

Cruisin’ the winding roads through the woods with the convertible down, Cassie’s auburn hair was catching the moonbeams.  The evening was crystal clear,  no clouds in sight and the temperatures were probably in the mid-sixties.

She was listening to the radio while singing along when the radio cracked and faded in and out.  Cassie tried to change the channels on the radio, but all she was getting was static and mere sounds of songs she could barely make out.

She flipped it over to one of the AM stations thinking to herself, listening to something was better than nothing at all.  When she realized she cued into the middle of a broadcast report.

… “Yes, the police are warning for people in Somerset County to please stay indoors and lock your doors and windows.  The suspect is on foot, no one at this time knows if he is armed.”

Cassie listened intently, as she was just beginning to drive through Somerset County, heading towards her boyfriend’s house.

… “People, the police are enforcing that people stay off the roads and allow them to handle tracking down this, this… Well, folks, we don’t know what’s actually out there. Hell, the police don’t know what they’re actually after either.  All they have said is to stay indoors until further notice.”

The radio began to crackle again by this point, Cassie was a bit anxious. She exhilarated the gas peddle and the trees zipped passed her as she picked up the speed.  The convertible top was down and she was driving through the woods in the pitch darkness, no street lights around these parts.  White knuckled she hugged the curves closely through the winding roads as quickly as she could.  Cassie was roughly twenty minutes away from her boyfriend’s house, she could at least crash there behind locked doors.

Cassie was so deep in thought while she kept listening to the news report fading in and out when she realized that the reporter’s voice elevated to an alarming rate.

… “People are told to stay indoors, do not attempt to make contact with the creature!” … The crackling noise increased, “Damnit!” Cassie muttered in a trembling voice, her heart felt like it was in her throat.

Cassie pounded on the dashboard with hopes of regaining the news report, like that would really help, then the headlights caught it.  Cassie let out a blood-curdling scream, as she tried to not swerve off the winding road. Her heart pounding and the hairs standing up on her arms, she couldn’t believe what it was she was staring at.  She slammed on the brakes and the creature just froze in place glaring at her.

“Oh, Ah, Oh My GOD!” Cassie screamed and was dumbfounded, she didn’t know what to do.  She tried her hardest not to look at the creature but it was as if she had lost all control over her body.  Her arms were frozen in place, she couldn’t feel her legs anymore, and she couldn’t even close her eyes to shut this thing from her vision. All she felt was her blood pumping through her veins and her heart had felt as if it would burst through her chest.  One last scream escaped her lips, “NO!!!!!”

All else went blank.


BC 2019

Picture Credit: Pinterest and Youtube





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