“Ghost And Ghouls Party On!” (Short Story) 31 Days of October Challenge

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“Ghosts and Ghouls Party On!”

(Short Story)


The invitations had gone out back on September 15th, as they normally did and the RSVPs came in droves. The designated charts were arranged for where all the guests would be seating. 

Instead of the band, they had last year, the host had arranged for a DJ to blow the roof off the house.  The caterer had planned his menu for the upcoming event and paid close attention to all their picky dietary requests.  The chandeliers were carefully polished and sparkled down from above, as centerpieces were set on the tables.  

The Butler handed the DJ and caterer a pen to sign a disclosure stating that what happened here, stayed here.  If word got out, they would never serve their parties again and would be cursed for ALL The Rest of Eternity.  They agreed and signed away.  They promised in front of witnesses that not a word would be said.  Thursday, October 31st., would be an event for the soulless to kick back and party.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado was the perfect place for the event.  Hidden in the treacherous mountainside, with its tall Hedge Maze would keep their guests entertained.  The Gold & Pink Ball Room was decked out, as the DJ in black set up his equipment and prepared his soundchecks.  While the caterer brought the trays of delicacies out to the head of the ballroom.  The candles each lit with care for the vessel was a skeleton as the centerpieces.  Everything was completed just in time for the guest to arrive.


At the main entryway door, the sound echoed, indicating that the guest arriving.    Lurch opened the door, “Hey big guy, nice to see ya again”, as Freddy Krueger arrived.  Freddy held out his hand of blades to shake Lurch’s, but Lurch was smarter than that as he groaned and pointed the way to the Gold & Pink Ballroom.  “Am I the first to arrive?” Freddy inquired, “No darling, I’m here, please hold your applause…” as Resurrection Mary appeared in the doorway.  “Ah, my dear so pleased to see you again this year.  Did you hit much traffic on your way up here?”  As Freddy gazed at her long blonde hair, blue eyes, and her pretty party dress.  “Nah, I attempted to hitchhike here at first but decided to float on up here to avoid having to skid off the road,”  Mary replied, batting her long eyelashes at her flirtatious Freddy.  “Shall we?” Freddy extended his regular hand.  “Why of course darling.”   Mary delightfully agreed.  They headed toward the ballroom.


Lurch pulled the wide door open.  Mothman from Point Pleasant, West Virginia, swooped past without saying a word.  A dark grey character flew down the hallway to search for the ballroom.  Right behind him entered the 16th President Abraham Lincoln.  “Good Evening tall fellow, that creature was so rude to you.  I assure you, I’m not that type.  Would you please direct me to the Gold & Pink Ballroom.”  as he removed his top hat.  Lurch groaned and grunted, extending a finger in the direction of the hallway, “Go left.” is all Lurch mustered.  With that, Abe thanked him.  “Much obliged my kind sir.”

One by one, and even in groups all the guests were entering the Gold & Pink Ballroom. Appetizer’s of deviled eggs and 7 layer spiderweb dip were a hit, while Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was booming, as guests were mingling and dancing.

The Headless Horseman nodded, his head held in his hand’s “NO” when asked if he would like some pumpkin pie.  He pointed at the slice of apple pie and returned to his table where the Salem Witches were discussing the brutality in the streets back home.

Michael Myers sliced and diced his steak into bite-size pieces while listening to the next hit the DJ was now playing “Somebody’s Always Watching Me” tapping his foot along to the beat while chewing the bloody meat.  

The undead danced like mad, while the orbs floated around the disco ball that hung up high. The goblins were a very social bunch. Giggling and gawking at the Woman in White.  She was complaining as she normally did about the paranormal investigations that took place year in, and year out.  “If I see another stranger take out his AC/DC EMF temperature gauge out from his pants to see the number rise  indicating I’m there, I swear, I’m gonna stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine!” – While La Lorna chuckled in agreement as she was still dripping in the clothes she arrived in.  She was left for dead by a river.  Poor thing cries all the time over missing her children.  She was a bit apprehensive about attending this evening’s event, but Bloody Mary begged her to go.

“Ah, there she is.  My beautiful Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary…” Lucifer greeted her by taking her hand in his, “care for some Red Rum?”   – “Haha… very funny Lu, but as you can see I’ve already been served my drink,”  Mary said matter of factly.  “What did you order?” Lucifer inquired.  “But of course my favorite handsome, a Bloody Mary.”, as she smirked.

Ghosts shared stories of scaring the people within the homes they resided.  “Why can’t that damn priest understand that I’m allergic to holy water by now?”  As many of the ghosts were empathetic to the dilemma.  “I mean seriously, how many times do I have to turn crosses upside down before these idiots get the hint?”  All the ghosts began laughing hysterically as “Ghostbusters” was playing in the ballroom.  

The festivities brought all the witches, ghouls, goblins, entities, and ghosts together to reunite and share the memories of the horrors and fears they instilled on the innocents throughout the course of the year.  For Freddy Kreuger, Michael Myers, and other movie stars debated whether or not they would continue doing more sequels.  

The evening was coming to an end.  Freddy and Ressurection Mary decided to stay the night in room 137 in the Stanley Hotel, as they headed up the long staircase, Freddy stated bluntly, “The Grady Twins better not disturb us this evening.  I don’t care if they’re dead already, I’ll slice em’ up.”   Mary replied calmly, “I’ll keep you plenty busy behind closed doors, you won’t even know they are out there.”  This put a big shit-eating grin on Freddy’s face.

Lucifer and Bloody Mary decided to stay the night as well but would hang out at the bar for a little while longer.  Pounding shots of red death down.

As the rest of the party was leaving Lurch and Casper The Friendly Ghost handed them gift bags full of all sorts of goodies.  Some had slime and spiders.  Other’s had literature on how to best scare the piss out of the paranormal investigators.  They each exchanged their goodbyes until next year’s event.  Abe Lincoln suggested they visit the White House the following year, and scare the current president to death.  “Ah, I would enjoy that immensely”, as they all exited the doors. 

One by one, they drifted into the woods leaving a fine mist behind them.  The Mothman left in his dramatic fashion, while the orbs scattered all about.

Lurch closed the door and turned to Casper.  “D-R-I-N-K?”, Casper chuckled…  “Sure stretch!” 

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BC 2019 (Updated and Revised From “The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch” 2017 Posting).


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