3TC – Three Things Challenge #3

Hello, All!  Di, of “Pensitivity101”, has taken over the 3TC Challenge from Paula of “Light Motifs II”
Every day she will post three seemingly unconnected things that will hopefully set your mind working.
There are no restrictions on length, style, genre, or anything, just keep it family-friendly. You don’t have to use all three if you don’t want to, simply read the prompt and see what it brings to mind. Invite us along by creating a pingback to this post and leaving a link in the comments so that other people can read your writings.

Use 3TC as a tag and the logo too if you’d like.
Above all though, I hope you enjoy the challenge.
Today’s words are :
Patchwork, milk, shoe


The Amish women worked on their intricate patchwork while the men milked the cows in the barn. The men, women, and children all had specific jobs in order to maintain their farms and livelihoods. 

Sarah prepared a hearty lunch and proceeded to call the men in for lunch.  Naturally, the men built up an appetite from working on the farm since 4am, so they all jumped and headed in when hearing the triangle sound off.

Jeremiah was the first in the doorway while the women continued on their craft.  However, it would have been a wise decision to have removed his caked on dirty shoes before entering.  Jeremiah accidentally stepped on the corner of the patchwork, and all the women scolded him severely. 

Not only did they still have to churn the milk into butter, but now, they had to first gently clean the mud off the item that was going to be placed on sale at the market.

Jeremiah has therefore instructed to eat his lunch with the cows.


BC 2019


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