“Please, Show Me a Sign” (Short Prose) Thursday Photo Prompt – Reaching

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a barren landscape against the shadows of distant hills. Bare branches reach towards each other, framing the scene, while shafts of light stream through a golden window the dark, cloudy skies.

“Please, Show Me a Sign”

(Short Prose)

The incomprehensible thoughts were as twisted as the stark branches reaching, extending to a time they once bonded.  ‘Oh, that bond,’ I found myself dwelling on the romantic interlude all over again.

This territory used to be vibrant with green rolling hills, dotted with native prairie wildflowers of yellow, pink, and blue.  Everyone and I mean anyone that knew of this land would hike the trails in collective groups, or loving couples would slip away off the beaten track with their blanket in hand, and make passionate love in the middle of nature and all her glory.  I know this… because I was one half of that couple once upon a time.

Now, my emotional mindset was that of the charcoal grey skies looming overhead, blending with the hues of the landscape folding into the mountainside.  

I had been sitting here since dawn and the image never once changed. The reels of memories kept replaying in my mind.  We came here to get away from the crowds, share the stages of our life together, camping and feverishly kissing, intertwined lovingly by the fire ablaze.  Then lie in one another’s arms until the dawn of a brand new day had arisen. 

Tears welled up in my eyes and I began to stream down my cheeks. My heart was as barren and scarce as the vision I have taken in all day.  Fingers and hands pressed together as I pray, “Honey, I miss you so. This hollowness within my heart, aches.”  I wipe away the tears and stare out over the vastness of the lonely land, “Hun, please give me a sign to show me you’re still beside me, oh, please.  I’m not asking for a miracle.”  I take in a gulp of air to try to gain composure.  “Oh, Honey, please, just one small sign?”

I sobbed and could barely catch my breath when the clouds parted, a golden stream of light shone down.  I couldn’t believe the sight of the heavens opening up in front of me, then a gentle breeze touched my damped cheeks.  

“Oh, Honey, I love you too.”


BC 2019



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