Blogger Leadership Award

I would like to take the time to say, “Thank You” to Di, of “Pensitivity101” for nominating me for the Blogger Leadership Award.  I’m honored that you would think of me, Di!  You’re such a Sweetie!!!  😘
The award was created by Nova @ Nova’s Namaste 365 Online“This was created to nominate 1-2 individuals who have exemplified noticeable and noteworthy leadership. That could be in any way. There’s no questions or need to thank me. I also don’t require you to nominate others, although I think it would be a kind gesture.”

The lovely thing about this award is that it truly is a gift. The presenters are simply mentioning a few bloggers for their recent noteworthy contributions to the blogging community and thanking them for it. Nothing is required of them.

I have never considered myself a leader of anything, with the exception of me being a mommy to my baby boy, Peanut.  🦜💕

I am truly grateful that so many bloggers have supported me with such lovely feedback, you guys have no idea how appreciative I am for all of you! 💗

The two bloggers that I feel always exemplified as being leaders in either mental health and/or supplies us with challenges every day are, Ashley, of “Mental Health @ Home” and Rory, of “A Guy Called Bloke”   (Note: I know Ashley doesn’t usually accept awards anymore, but I sincerely hope she accepts this one).

Again, Thank you, Di!!!  I really am touched! 💗


BC 2019 

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