“Traitors 0, Underdogs 1” (Short Prose) Kira’s Sunday Scribbles 53 and 8 Word Prompts



“Traitors 0, Underdogs 1”

(Short Prose)


The brash traitors of the underworld tried with all their might to take down the underdogs of society.  However, the youthful Gwendolyn, Gulliver’s cousin, added poison to their spicy food to deter the nasty villains while they ran for the trees to release themselves. Gwendolyn was then able to extend her limbs from the treehouses to the skies above to save the little villagers from the aloof traitors that were trying to burn their homes down.  One by one they all climbed her stoic limbs until they reached the clouds above.

All the little villagers united and praised Gwendolyn for assimilating a more sophisticated society within the clouds above, where the traitors could never reach them again.


BC 2019






FOWC with Fandango — Aloof



FOWC with Fandango — Brash



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