“United We Stand!” (18th Anniversary of 9/11)


“United We Stand”

(18th Anniversary Of 9/11)


This old world will long remember

the 11th day of September

when our countries soul had shaken

and a multitude of loved ones was taken.

As the horrific events unfurled

on every network throughout the world,

rescue squads gathered swiftly and moved into motion,

while people shockingly stared at the dire commotion.

It was the terrorists, they hid during the night;

They used our planes, cowards strike.

In an instant, so many thousands went to their heavenly slumber,

the death toll rising at an alarming number.

As the world looked on, to see our people die

So, it goes, you don’t have to be a baby to cry

Thus, ‘Twas the day our world cried.

From the Pentagon to The World Twin Towers,

the terrorist showed no mercy, but to destroy our powers

brothers of a God I hadn’t known, just villainous, wretched cowards.

Eighteen years have passed and in remembrance,

names of Dad’s, Mom’s, Son’s, Daughters, Brother’s, Sister’s, Wive’s, and Husbands are said aloud, in a semblance.

We American’s have pride,

no one can ever deny.

We know how to defend our land,

United We Stand!


BC 2019

Picture Credit: Pinterest



21 thoughts on ““United We Stand!” (18th Anniversary of 9/11)

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    1. Thank you kindly, Sadje. It’s amazing how you can remember every single second of that day.
      I had never been so scared, because my husband at the time as to work at the Verizon building across the street that day. A cell phone service was shut down.
      I finally received a phone call much later that day, he was never in that Verizon building was in the Brooklyn. It took him nearly 6 hours to get home after the initial phone call came.

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        1. I was like everyone in my office that day. Every person knew of someone in the towers an/or aroud them. We lost a really lovely co-worker Patty Mickley to it. To this day I still have all the little trinkets she use to give me on my birthday.
          God Bless all that were lost that day, and all that remained. 🙏

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      1. I literally almost forgot. I only realized because I’ve noticed a lot of cosmic/spiritual/??? tension. I checked the moon, yep almost full, then saw the full would be Friday 13, then oh..the 11th…🤦‍♀️
        I do remember being glued to the TV the day it happened. We had just gotten the kids to school and the ex and I were chillin before he went to work, which he never did that day.

        It’s the “Kennedy Assassination” of our time. Everyone remembers where they were, who they were with, etc…

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        1. My husband at the time was to work at the Verizon building across the street from the WTC. However, I didn’t know it at the time, and all cell phone service went dead. I didn’t hear from him for several agonizing hours.
          He was sent to another Verizon building in Brooklyn.
          It was so difficult to watch all the funerals come off the LIE exit to Calvary cemetary for weeks thereafter. Just knowing that so many passed away.
          Like you said, glued to the TV for days that followed. Horrific!

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            1. It was shocking and scary even for those who were not near. I remember one instance I was driving on the BQE across from where the towers once stood… Just a void. It was still smoldering with smoke, and this hollow pit was forever felt in me. I had also lost a friend that day. Patty Mickley. I still have little gifts that she had given me when we use to work together.
              OMG! I have to stop with remembering now. Again, it feels like yesterday.

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              1. Yeah…change the subject… we can talk about my daughter busting into my room to talk about yesterday and Ben and me trying to validate her feelings, ask how I can help and all she heard was my suggestion of therapy.🤦‍♀️ Full moon is coming…people be acting bizarre 🤪🤷‍♀️😂


  1. A lovely tribute Beckie.
    I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I was literally living, or in the USA when it happened. But I will never forget how I felt when seeing it on tv when the news was showing the events of that day and weeks after and the images I seen from it.
    I will never forget. Xx

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