“CUT!” (Poetry)

"Don't do this, please. This isn't you."  She smirked and raised the knife.  "You're right, it isn't."




From the day Beth was born,

mother knew there was something terribly wrong.

The child’s errant ways were abnormal compared to children her age,

other children didn’t experience Beth’s internal rage.

When other kids would be asleep and dreaming,

Beth would be throwing fits with high pitch screaming.

One morning, her mother knocked outside the door to Beth’s bedroom,

but there was no sound coming from what was considered a tomb.

Mother took out the key, unlocked and opened the door slowly,

there was irrefutable evidence that her daughter was unholy.

Handmade crosses stabbed into her dolls,

and scratches dug deep into the walls.

Beth faced the corner of the room, stabbing a knife into her leg,

Mother screamed for her daughter to stop, she began to weep as she begged.

Beth turned and faced her mother, blackened eyes, emotionless;

Mother was lost and felt nothing but hopelessness, 

when Beth came after her, knife firmly gripped.

“Cut!  Stop!  This wasn’t in the script!”

interjected by the director who was holding the auditions,

“Start from the top, and let’s begin this once again!”



BC 2019



FOWC with Fandango — Abnormal


FOWC with Fandango — Irrefutable


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