August 21, 2019 “Working on Us” This Weeks Mental Health Prompts for Blogging Community: Week 12 Topic: Self-Care Routine

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Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders. 


Before I begin Week #12, I’d like to share with you all the participants that had responded to Week #11 – Topic: Emotional Support and/or Service Animals.  This suggestion was provided by Brittney of “Recovery by Ink”  This topic was not only informative but it really was one of which I truly enjoyed because the participants shared photos of their lovely fur babies!!! 


mental health benefits therapy animals


If you missed the stories shared by our participants during week #11, dated August 14, 2019,  You can catch up and read them here.


Ashley of “Mental Health @ Home”

Casey Elizabeth Dennis of “This Bipolar Brat”

Astrid of “A Multitude of Musings”

Di, of “Pensitivity101”

Carol Anne of “Therapy Bits”

Sophie Naylor of “Girl vs. World”

Rory of “A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip”

Jill of “Food, Feelings, Freedom”

Emilia of “My Inner Mish Mash”

Beth of “Pilgrimage Studio”


Self-Care for Mental Health - Blessing Manifesting


I myself have had issues with a self-care routine in the past due to severe bouts’ of depressive episodes.  I thought this topic might shed some light from a personal standpoint with asking a few questions:

Prompt #1 Questions:

  1. Were their signs of your self-care routine lacking before you were officially diagnosed with a mental illness/disorders?
  2. Did you (or) do you suffer from low self-esteem?
  3. Is there (or) have there been stages of guilt when not properly taking care of your self-care routine?
  4. (You can refrain from answering the next question if you wish to).  What was the longest period of time between taking a shower, and/or brushing your teeth?
  5. If you are supposed to be going out for whatever occasion, are you concerned with your over-all appearance?  (Or) Do you take care of your self-care needs before leaving the house?
  6. What advice can you give to someone who is having difficulty with their self-care routine?  (Note: If someone was to ask for your advice, what would you share with them?)


Prompt #2 Photo:  Describe for us what or how you feel when you see this picture?

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Unhappy, Worried, Problem



  • Write your own post and create a pingback to the original post here.
  • There are no right or wrong answers.  Write in any format you see fit.  (Answer’s, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, poem, short prose…anything).
  • You can do one or all prompts.
  • You have from August 21st. through to August 27th. to submit your entries.

  • Please reblog the original post in order to spread more awareness.
  • ( If you the blogger have a suggestion/question you want to ask in the future weeks, please submit them in the comment section of this post).
  • Let’s see if we can get some men involved in this weeks prompts, your viewpoint/feelings are validated here too!
  • Plus, as an added bonus, whoever responds to the following prompts will automatically be reblogged to promote your blog site and spread more awareness!


Self-care quotes that remind us why setting boundaries is important for mental health and long lasting positivity in one's life. You control your own happiness! Choose and start loving yourself even more today!


Remember to create a pingback to this original post after you write your own post.  Also, you can choose one or all the prompts.  I really look forward to your responses.  Or, maybe I should say “We” all look forward to one another’s responses.


Thank you in advance to all the participants, we all appreciate your time and your stories that you share here!


Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💚


BC 2019

Credits: Pixabay and Pinterest




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