Working On Us Prompt: Pets and Emotional Support Animals for Mental Health

REBLOG: Astrid of “A Multitude of Musings” Shares her experience with a number of animals in Week #11 of “Working on Us” Very sweet story.

A Multitude of Musings

This week’s Working On Us prompt is all about pets and emotional support animals. There are several questions to answer as a prompt or you can write a narrative. I am going to go with the latter, but also incorporate the questions into my post.

I have never had a formal emotional support animal. I do hope to get a guide dog for the blind somedday that will hopefully be in some ways capable of supporting me emotionally too. I know of several people with guide dogs who feel their dogs serve them a purpose related to their mental health too.

For now, I have a cat. His name is Barry and he’s a six-year-old European shorthair (the “standard” breed for Dutch cats). We adopted him from the animal shelter my mother-in-law and sister-in-law work for in 2014. At the time, we had another cat too named Harry, but Harry…

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8 thoughts on “Working On Us Prompt: Pets and Emotional Support Animals for Mental Health

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      1. Oh yeah! They put him on the pony the first time. Then next week the horse and his teacher said he just kept saying “faster, faster”😂
        I absolutely LOVE his school. It’s a “non-public” autism school. It’s not private which anyone could pay to enroll. They only serve public school kids that dont do well in the autism classrooms of the public school. The district pays his tuition. They do community outings to the grocery store and fast food. Ben can stay at this school until he is 22.
        Its FINALLY a perfect placement for him. The district tried 4 schools before sending him to this one. Probably the tuition and trying to keep him with non autistic peers.

        They had a carnival recently with a petting zoo. Goats and sheep. He loved it.

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          1. Yes and no. He does group activities and participates but he doesnt really do interactive peer play. No cops & robbers or whatever. These kids at this school aren’t the Aspies. These are the kids, teens and young adults on the “severe” part of the spectrum. A lot of them dont use verbal language. There are some that self harm and wear helmets and gloves…
            His teacher says that the class he’s in is a good group. There are 6, including Ben. He would normally be starting 6th grade (OMG😲) so I figured he’d be moved to a different class, but they keep the kids together if it’s a good mix.
            So yeah, he gets along with his peers, but it isn’t like other kids. He doesnt really have any “friends”.

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