“Freedom Compromised” (Poem) Thursday Write Photo Challenge – Within

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a summer landscape of rocky hills, seen from within a stone chamber.


“Freedom Compromised”



In this time of great depair,

we need someone who is willing to repair

Someone who has courage, integrity, and fortitude

to fight the tyranny and political attitude

The climate of America is paradoxical

Politicians scream freedom and “Make America Better Again!”

Yet, advocate fascism

Hoping that this life is just one bad dream,

turn on the TV to witness nothing but horrific scenes

You are lost and cannot be found within the underground

The atmospheric pressure is rising

moral values at an all-time low,

I remain hidden away in the desolate

rocky hills until someone comes to their senses

I may remain here until my dying day.



BC 2019




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