“Deers and Jeers” (Short Story)

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Towards the end of the summer, it was agreed that the boy-scouts and girl-scouts would join forces and have a campout.

They all packed their knapsacks with provisions and each was delegated a chore to gather wood, sticks, and set up their campsite fire for a grand feast of hamburgers and hot dogs.

Their Scout Leaders each assigned them to divide up into teams, 3 boys and 3 girls and instructed them to collect certain items from the woods.  Pinecones, berries, nuts, etc… 

Each team divided up and went in separate directions up to one path, down another.  Two of the teams ended up meeting the other because one path just ended up circling around to meet the other.

They all decided to work together and the leaders didn’t need to know, they would never know the wiser if they all came back out the same way they all went in.  

While working diligently collecting what was on their list, a sound of crunching leaves caught their attention.  The sound seemed to be coming from behind them, and it was growing louder.  All the boy and girl scouts were now on full alert.

The boys gathered together as well as the girls, all shaking in their shoes as the noise grew closer.  Suddenly the bushes started to rustles back and forth, whatever it was, was moving closer and at a rapid pace followed by heavy breathing.

The boys each looked at one another and scrambled up the one path leading out, while the girls stood there frozen in place too frightened to move.  

The bushes soon parted and a lovely doe walked gracefully out from where the noises were coming from.  The girls then looked at one another and began to giggle, thinking the boys ran away because of this so-called dangerous creature.  

The girls decided to switch paths because one was shorter than the other, they knew they could beat the boys back in no time.  So, off they went running back to the campsite.

When they reached the exit of the path a scout leader was there for their arrival.  “What happened young ladies?  Where are your team members, what happened to you working together?”  With hands placed on her hips, she waited for an answer…

Julie spoke up first, “We all heard a noise and it was getting closer and louder.  The bushes started to move and the boys ran away.  We were a little scared, but then a deer came out of the woods, she was awfully pretty.”

Just as Julie finished answering the leader, the boys came flying out from the other end of the path, beads of sweat pouring from their brows, huffing and puffing out of breath.

The leader strolled over to the boys and the girls followed in tow, as the boys tried to catch their breath and fell to the ground.  “What happened to you, young men?  The leader questioned… 

Bobby answered, his voice shaky and quivering, “We were collecting stuff, and then this humongous bear came out of nowhere and started to chase us!  We just made it out of there and escaped our death!”

The leader stood there with her hands on her hips, as well as the girls.  “A bear, really?” the leader inquired with much doubt in her voice.  “A bear?”  The girls broke out into laughter, giggling and pointing their fingers at the boys.  Julie was laughing so hard, she nearly peed her pants, “I didn’t think the deer looked that scary, girls, did you?”  One by one they replied with laughter, “oh, no… what a frightening beast that doe was.”

Later that night, word spread around the campsite of the tall tale the boys came up with, and the girls, plus the leaders couldn’t contain their laughter.

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