😍 July 23, 2019: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts

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“When storms pass through, not only do I love the sunset and its many colors and formations on the horizon… I also adore the smell of a fresh rainfall that has cooled the earth.Β  The scent of grass and asphalt after a hot steamy day seems to replenish all my senses.”

~ Beckie Cutler ~


BC 2019

Quote Credits: Brainy Quotes and Me, Myself, and I

9 thoughts on “😍 July 23, 2019: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts

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  1. Funny…it’s sunset here as I’m writing this and it’s a very pretty one tonight. We’ve had a rare (thank goodness) humid, muggy day and I knew all the clouds would make for a pretty sunset. I wish it would actually rain…not gonna happen.πŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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      1. I love thunderstorms! I remember a serious rock n roll thunderstorm when the ex, kids and I were visiting in U.P. Michigan. SOOOO exciting! The power and the energy.😍
        We got like 12 drops of rain and more mugginess😞
        The clouds are leaving and the temp is rising😰 All Hail The A.C.!!!

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        1. Thank God for the A/C, I would freak out if that thing wasn’t running.
          Actually, we lost power for all of 5 inutes or so last night… I literally panicked… I didn’t care about the computer, tv, etc… But I can’t lose my A/C.
          Yeah, the same strom front came from Michigan this time, and it packed a punch… I love watching the lightening, and listening to the boomers roll throuh. So exciting! πŸ€— β›ˆ 🌩 🌨

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