Weekly Song Challenge Round 23

Laura of “Lauravent69” created this fun start to the week song challenge… Hope you enjoy the choices I have selected to go along with her questions.

It is that time again! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Here we are again. Beginning of the week. Let’s start it out right together!

I created this challenge just to have a little bit of fun. Music is my soul, so naturally, I would create a challenge centered around it!! Let round 23 begin!! Let’s have some fun!


Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post.
Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
Tag two people to participate!

1. Post a video of a song that makes you feel good.



2. Post a video of a song that to you is about being yourself.



3. Post a video of a song that you live and just feel like sharing!


The following songs have been there for me during changes in my life.  “Freebird” I will always associate that with my first true boyfriend and love.  Every time I hear that song, I go backward in time to when we’d ride his motorcycle all over New Jersey, up in the Watching Mountains (Hills), and down by the shore. “Hold On”, was one of those songs that helped me deal with my divorce and I loved the song being played in “Bridesmaid”, Hilarious!  “Drops of Jupiter” is one of those songs that gets me singing.  In fact, I sang this with a band at a little bar on Long Island during my divorce.  (This was when I was becoming a raging alcoholic and just didn’t give a damn).  I had a blast singing this song with them, and every time I hear it, no matter where I am, I start singing to it.  Can’t be helped.  LOL!

Thanks for listening!

Beckie 🎼


I tag the following to join along:

Fandango of “This, That, and The Other”

Carol Anne of “Therapy Bits”





18 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge Round 23

Add yours

          1. I’m good sweetie, thanks for asking😘 Fibromyalgia people spend about 75% of their lives horizontal. It’s really the only way to be comfortable. I gotta go run errands soon, but I wanna get caught up before I go. Ben let me sleep until FIVE😲😂

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            1. I keep saying to myself, that I should get checked out for Fibromyalgia being that I’m in chronic pain a majority of the time, but… I try really hard not to think of it. 😒
              🤴Wow, the King allowed his grandmother an additional hour! I know it’s not much, but at least you got it!!! 😴

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