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Hello, Folks!

Catherine over at “Cyranny’s Cove” wants us to show us our weirdest, strangest country video.

“For this first try, let’s search The Internets for the weirdest, funniest country songs! You have to admit, that’s not too hard a challenge, because a lot of them cowboys seem to have written their songs after sipping on a little too much moonshine, and longing for their Mrs, under the stars…”

So, what the “Hay”, I’ll give it a shot.  🤠

It’s Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long
She used to call me baby
I thought she was such a lady
But my how things have changed since times moved on
I give her my last dollar
Now all she’ll do is holler
Oh my life has become a country song
I’ve learned she can’t resist me
By the way she always disses me
And comes to bed at night with that cold cream on
Sometimes I might feel frisky
But these days its just too risky
It’s hard to kiss the lips at night
That chew your ass out all day long.
All day long
It goes on and on
If a tree fell in the forest
And she didn’t hear it
Would I still be wrong
I guess I should admit it
She ain’t never gonna quit it
It’s hard to kiss the lips at night
That chew your ass out all day long
Man I remember when her eyes used to be so blue and shiny
God, you
BC 2019
Credits: Youtube

8 thoughts on “Show Me Yours…

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  1. OMGaaawd! LOL You nailed it, Beckie!! That’s exactly what I was looking for… Mouahahahahaha I am still laughing out loud. This is perfect! The lyrics, the transvestite wife, the barber choir… Perfect!! LOL Well done!

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