The Real Truth About Blogging

REBLOG: Renard Of “Renard’s World” Share’s – “The Real Truth About Blogging” Filled with blogging wisdom and several pointers to stand out. Excellent read!

Renard's World


The blogosphere is filled with more than five hundred million blogs.

What does that mean for an aspiring blogger?

It means, that an aspiring blogger will need to find effective methods of getting their blog seen by the masses.

And, since there are countless blog posts published on a daily basis on the world wide web, bloggers will need to stand out (The blogosphere is heavily saturated with blog posts).

Luckily, there is hope for each blogger and they would be provided with a fair advantage if they learned the real truth about blogging.

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5 thoughts on “The Real Truth About Blogging

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    1. My suggestion for you, is read more of “Renards World” post. He shares several excellent ideas. I see your blog is fairly new, but that you are only repeating the same three entries over and over again.
      Trust me, read more on Renards site… He really knows what he is talking about.


        1. Aww, thank you so very much. That is such a kind thing to say. You’re blog will blossom, it does take time. I started mine in 2016, but it really didn’t do well in the beginning. In 2017 is when it started to build and I developed a theme.
          Show interest in other blogs, and if you see blogs that want to share your site… Go with it. Get you blog site noticed more.
          One other piece of advice… Never give up on it! That’s you creation!


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