A collaboration with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess – In search of Happiness.

REBLOG: Here is the completed creative joinings of two bloggers who started “In Search of Happiness” three days ago. Hope you all enjoy! Special mention to Kristian, I had a blast working with you!! It was a true honor, my friend!!! 😘

Tales from the mind of Kristian

Beckie and I are going to work collaboratively on writing a poem. I said I would start the ball rolling with two lines, then pass it on to her and we’ll bat it back and forth until we feel it is finished.

So here is the beginning:

What is this thing called Happiness?

I search and search, but I confess…..

Ok, Beckie, my friend, over to you. 🙂

Beckie has added:

That some days of searching high and low,

it feels as if,  happiness is suppressed

My addition:

No matter where I am, how far I go.

Feeling Lonely, lost and dispossessed. 

Beckie’s addition:

My heart, mind, body, and soul often thinks, is this a test?

I know happiness is out there, I have to believe.

My next lines:

but while I endlessly search without sleep or rest, 

this cruel world is ever ready to deceive. 

Beckie’s next lines:


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11 thoughts on “A collaboration with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess – In search of Happiness.

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    1. Oh, my goodness, we weren’t battling at all. In fact, next week were going to do another one with me leading the topic.
      I can’t wait! Kristian & I had so much fun doing this together. Accept, the next time I really want to clean it up a little bit… Just straighten out the format a little.

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