😊 July 9, 2019: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts


“There is no such thing as perfection and I’m fine with that.Β  I accept my flaws and strive to better myself each day, one day at a time.Β  My goal is to simply be a good person and set a good example.Β  Again, I’m not perfect, but I am human.”

~ Beckie Cutler ~


BC 2019

Quote Credits: Unsplash ~ Brianna Wiest and Me, Myself & I

32 thoughts on “😊 July 9, 2019: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts

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      1. I was rather proud of that bit of inspirationπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚ I had actually written this whole other thing when the mosaic ideaπŸ’‘βš‘hit me. I’m glad you liked it too😍
        I hope your battle with the depression monsterπŸ‘Ή is getting easier. It can be a difficult beast to fend off! HUGS!πŸ’ŒπŸŒ»πŸ’Œ

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        1. You should be proud! You come up with real winners quite often, and I so enjoy them!!! πŸ€—
          I just picked up my new meds today. Cymbalta (I thinks that’s how you spell it) – but, I grow concerened when it say’s may increase suidical thoughts. “Been there, done that! Don’twant to go there again.” I’ll start taking it tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

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          1. The docs gave me Cymbalta and Lyrica for my fibro pain. Off label antidepressants are a popular alternatives for a lot of people. I couldn’t tolerate either one. The Cymbalta gave me terrible stomach pain and the Lyrica just made me dizzy. I have a weird system. I can take enough opiates to knock out an elephant but I can’t take Nyquil.
            I hope it helps you. Especially since you’re using it for it’s intended purposeπŸ‘

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            1. Now, you sound like my mother. Every opiate and morphine, but a simply tylenol pm throws her for a loop.
              It was my psychiatrist that recommended the cymbalta, and she figured that it would help with all the pains in my knees and back. She said it would take approx., 4-6 weeks to get into my system, if I feel the bit weirded out by it, I will automatically stop taking it.

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              1. Looks like me and your mama have more in common than just adoring you! πŸ˜‰πŸ’– I hope I didn’t scare you, a lot of people get great results from Cymbalta and my mother swears by Lyrica for her arthritis. I don’t even remember if stomach pain is one of the listed side effects. I’m also allergic to avocados. Who in the world has an allergy to avocado?? πŸ™‹yeah, me😞

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                1. I assure you, you didn’t scare me. I’m so used to testig different medications until one works… What scares me is that warning…”Might cause suicidal thoughts” NOPE! Ain’t gonna happen.
                  Thank you so very much for that lovely comment about you and my mom adoring me. I love you!!! 😘
                  By the way, my roommate is allergic to avacado’s too. Yup… You’re not the only strange one I know. LOL! Kidding…. 😁 πŸ˜‚ 🀣

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  1. Life is but a roller-coaster ride, up and down, sharp corners and smooth bends, going too fast and then slowing to a halt, and we’re strapped in the seat, until the end, it’s all about how we enjoy the ride……

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