😜 Silly Saturday Starter’s

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Hello, and Happy Saturday to All!  

I’m always looking for something to lighten the mood, make me laugh, and make me feel good.  I spend a great deal of time searching for all of these things because I don’t want to be the only one laughing.  So, I hope you enjoy a bit of fun to brighten up your day.

Dritan Alsela Coffee coffee beach weekend sea GIF

Summer just isn’t Summer without an Ice Coffee!

Why this cracked me up, I’ll never know! But I’m howling! 😂😂


“Meow” means “woof” in a cat.

– George Carlin

meow GIF


Yeah, I know… Rather twisted.  Still kinda funny! LOL!

weekend chilling GIF

I love this dogs attitude!

(He learned this from his Master.  Good Boy!)

Well, it made me smile

girl carousel GIF

Now that's smart!


donald trump water GIF by Amanda

24 funny wedding signs: 'By the end, you wish you had a club and spade'

chris farley GIF

pinterest; angelitany ✧ ☾

Hey there, Folks, Have a great weekend.  Hope this brought a smile to your face.  If not, seek out more coffee.  LOL! 


Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 🤭


BC 2019

Credits: Pinterest, Google Images, Giphy, and PositiveLifeProject.com


9 thoughts on “😜 Silly Saturday Starter’s

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      1. coffee iv would be awesome! I already have my intrathecal pain pump that delivers fentanyl, marcaine & clonidine to my spinal fluid and brain…I wonder if the doctors could put caffeine in there too? Ah, shoot that wouldn’t work, it drops 24/7.
        Ben actually does have school during summer. He goes to an autism specific school and they have a summer program that runs through mid August. He even gets swimming lessons two days a week. So the school bus does come🙏 Without those breaks Angie’s head would explode.

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