“Creative Darkness” (Poem) Word of The Day Challenge – Volley

selective focus photography of fountain pen on paper


“Creative Darkness”


Where there is darkness

there’s a void, a depth that never seems to end;

until a thought, an idea, and words volley 

and strike with such force

rattling inside your head.

Generously, these thoughts, ideas, and words

lend a helping hand,

they keep on growing and giving birth 

to other forms 

And, slowly darkness covers underneath

mental storms…

Stories and poems are all of a complicated life

words flow with animosity and strife,

endless toil from their creators

through night and day,

endless words regurgitating 

for it seems it’s the only way for them to display.

What tugs at the mind and heart

every story and poem shares a lesson

and inspires other writers

to give their thoughts a beginning, a start;

no matter what the stories existence in what they yearn

giving rise to eager minds,

to give birth from all that one learns.


BC 2019


Photo Credit: Unsplash ~ Himesh Kumar Behera

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