The Mask, and Our Very Own Horror Show

REBLOG: Juan of “The Dark Tales Project” – The mental health mask, his view is truly spot on. Excellent read.

The Dark Tales Project

People are hard for me. Trusting them. Interacting with them. Understanding them. And yet all these things that have so escaped me are things I have to do if I want to work, and pay the mortgage, and pay bills, and put food on the table,  and so much more. And so I put on a mask.

art-artist-black-and-white-669319 Masks seem to be so common among mental health sufferers. Photo by Francesco Ungaro via

I think most people who struggle with mental illnesses have a similar mask. A mask that isn’t quite human, but is a close enough facsimile. Sometimes the mask is a smile and a quick, “fine, how ‘bout you?” when someone asks “hows it going?”  Sometimes the mask is biting your tongue to keep from screaming at the crushing sensation you feel when you’re trapped in a crowded situation. Sometimes it is a hidden bottle of booze…

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