Don’t Allow Your Mental Health to Define You

REBLOG: Brittany of “Recovery by Ink” – An excellent post of what the mental health community could benefit by reading.

Recovery by Ink

“You take HOW many pills a day? That can’t be healthy.”

“Why are you constantly going to these support groups- I thought you were recovered?”

“You seem fine to me- why would you want to go to residential?”

                                                                         “Why don’t you try holistic methods instead?”

Have you ever experienced judgement based on your mental health issues?

I  have.

“You don’t look like you should be in residential…”

“I didn’t even know you had an eating disorder.” —-while they look me up and down wondering why I’m not emaciated.

“Well, don’t take medications because they all have side effects and you just don’t know what they’re doing to your body.”

“Oh, you’re still in…

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