“Me And My Calvins” (Poem) Weekly Prompt – Rear & Word of The Day Challenge – Epic

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“Me and My Calvins”


I reminisce back to the days when it took lying on the bed flat,

to pull my Calvins over my tiny heinie for the sake of catching the attention of a guy.  

Hell, Brooke Shields was epic back in her day too…

This ain’t no lie.

Now, my older plumpy rumpy desires leggings and sweats,

because they hide my English muffin crinkled, nooks, and cranny rear end. 

I faced facts, guys nor men, are looking my way again.  Who wants sagging breast?




BC 2019

Google Images





18 thoughts on ““Me And My Calvins” (Poem) Weekly Prompt – Rear & Word of The Day Challenge – Epic

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  1. Calvin Klein, Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt… ah the days of designer jeans😂 I also would lay down to force that zipper up. Sometimes with a screwdriver😲😂who needs to breathe?! 😆
    Lycra and elastic waists are my very best friends👍 cuz it’s ALL about comfort these days!
    Awesome use of prompts/word of day! Love it!😍👏👏👑🌻💕

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  2. Hahaha! I hadn’t worn jeans until my 40’s. And that has long passed. We did’t grow up with jeans. My mom made most of our clothes. How little did we appreciate it back then. Later I was like, oh do this and that to whatever she was making me….my own designer clothes, lol.

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  3. Despite being as thin as rake (back then) I was never very comfortable in jeans and that was probably because my mother never liked them so I didn’t grow up wearing them. Thank you for sharing this one it’s perfect for our REAR challenge 🙂

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