“Catch My Breath” (Poetry) Imagination Plantation:

Nova of “Nova’s Namaste 365 Online” selected me to participate in the following, and I thank her immensely! :  Imagination Plantation.  Here are the rules if you are interested to just jump in and join in…  Instead of a paragraph, I hope it was okay that I opted for poetry.  

Where ideas are planted and stories are born!

Here’s the picture 😀

4 Simple Rules:

Write me a short paragraph about what’s happening in this image.

Create a pingback to this image.

Tag three bloggers.

Reuse this same image 🙂 Let’s see how many stories can come from the same one.

“Catch My Breath”



float, fly, coast, drift,

hustle and bustle, perhaps shift

here and there and everywhere

sights, sounds, and scents…

all this movement, all this nonsense, 

every single solitary day, 

sun up to sun down,

even at night, there’s no rest in this town…

running, riding, 

beeping, honking,

chit and chattering…


“Please stop this ride… 

I want to get off, I need to catch my breath.” 


I now select the following to join:

Sadje – Keep it Alive

Kristian – Tales From The Mind of Kristian

Rory – A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip


BC 2019


29 thoughts on ““Catch My Breath” (Poetry) Imagination Plantation:

Add yours

  1. I know it’s busy. That provides all the opportunities for stories. It’s actually very realistic. In our planet, there’s multiple billions of people, doing all sorts of activities.

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