10 Crazy Things I Did In My Earlier Days Of Blogging

REBLOG: Renard of “Renard’s World” – A must-read for new bloggers and older ones if you want to be reminded of how you first did things as a blogger. Great Read!

Renard's World


Those of us that have been blogging for quite some time would always remember the crazy things that we did in our earlier days of blogging.

People who are just starting out in the area of blogging are known to carry out some insane behaviour — the types of things that are not conducive to successful blogging.

Thankfully, a lot of us have learned from our dreaded mistakes and have made a vow to never repeat them.

I am going to share some of the crazy things that I did in my earlier days of blogging with you (That way, you will know not to waste your time doing those things).

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