“The Almighty’s Vessel” (Poem) Word of The Day Challenge – Almighty

cloudy sky

“The Almighty’s Vessel”


I have been striving, seeking,

and reaching within the depths

of my soul, only then, I listen.

Endless, countless, prayers of hope

for better physical health,

for better mental health,

for the ones that mean so much to me…

I pray for them to have brighter days.

I search the heavens above

for guidance, comfort, and love…

We are all deserving of these prayers to have listened

by the Almighty himself.

“Dear God, I pray to thee…

We, your children seek a better understanding, 

as to why certain hardships come our way…

that some resolution will take place one fine day.

Show our fellow man, woman, and child,

a sign, that you are watching over us throughout

our days here on earth. 

In return, I promise to thee…

I will show more compassion, kindness, and help where I am needed,

to those who seek hope themselves;

use me as your vessel.”

~ Amen


BC 2019

Picture Credit: Unsplash ~ Daniel Pascoa





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