June 19, 2019, Week #3 – “Working on Us” – A Mental Health Questionaire, Plus a Photo Prompt – You Decide

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Hello, Everyone!  Welcome back to “~🌻~ Working on Us ~🌻~”  Week #3!



Each week I will ask a question or questions pertaining to mental health and add a photo prompt.  Your job, if you so choose to join along, is to write a post on your own blog, and creating a ping-back to the original post.  

🌻It is up to you the reader to decide how you want to answer questions and/or photo prompt.  If you want to write a non-fictional or fictional piece, poetry, whatever… Whatever you choose to do, I will, therefore, reblog what you have written.  This is one way to not only promote your site but also spread awareness to all things mental health related. 🌻

As an added bonus… Since there are so many different mental health illnesses/disorders,  YOU, the blogger can send me a comment as to what you would like to be the next question (s), and they will be addressed in future posts.  

🌻What is the reason behind the “Mental Health Prompts of “Working on Us” (?) It’s fairly simple actually.  I’d like this series to be an all-inclusive mental health community blog in order to be a source of more support towards one another.  Idea’s, suggestions, and advice can be shared amongst the group.🌻

So, Are We Ready for Week# 3?  I am going to start with two prompts.  You can pick one or both, and again, you can choose how you want this to be written.  Don’t forget to create a pingback to the original post, this way I can share with more people within the mental health community, as well as promote your blog site!

Week #3 – Question Segment:  

Here are a few coping statements, do you agree or disagree?  Even if your answer is yes or no, please explain:

  1. This situation of sitting on a fully packed train either makes you feel uncomfortable or unpleasant, but I can accept it?
  2. Can I ride out the wave of anxiety, or do I feel like I need professional help now?
  3. Do you practice coping skills? If so, what works best for you? 


Week #3 – Photo Prompt: What does this picture signify or evoke in you?  (Again, you can write however you see fit).

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Now, remember to create a pingback on your own blog.  If you are having difficulties with pingbacks, copy your title and enter it in the comment section of this post.  

I sincerely look forward to your responses and remember, there are no right or wrong answers.  Plus, as a bonus, I will reblog whatever it is you submit, this way your blog gets more attention as well.  

Thank you in advance,

Beckie 🌻

PS… Please Reblog This Post So Many More Can Join In!  Thank You!






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