“Revitalized” (Poem) Reena’s Exploration Prompt/Theme of The Week: June 13, 2019

Reena’s Exploration welcome’s us again, to enrich this space with your wisdom and talent!








A kaleidoscope color show

nature simulates this for me,

just as the sun sets low.

Firey balloon ball of ruby red 

descends, such a pleasure to see;

Horizon glows and spreads.

Into the realm of contentment,

is all I could seek,

to end all existence of resentment.

Soon that ruby red balloon 

disappeared beneath the landscape,

leaving me to dwell within the cavity of my cocoon.

Envisioning the darkness 

did not make me sad;

No, no… It made me feel glad.

Tomorrow the fireball would return

and my heart will be renewed,

to see the ruby red balloon lit up like a lantern.



BC 2019

Photo Credit: Unsplash ~ Jason Blackeye




27 thoughts on ““Revitalized” (Poem) Reena’s Exploration Prompt/Theme of The Week: June 13, 2019

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          1. I’m lucky too where I live I can see sunrise over mountains from my house, and a 20 minute drive to see sunset over the ocean.

            Unrelated question… All of my comments are having to be approved over on Rory’s site. This started before he upgraded. Are any of my comments to your site acting weird?
            I know I’m weird, but sheesh…😂😂

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                  1. It seems to be only me & only on Rory’s site right now. Too bizarre! He has to approve every comment. It’s not like I’m a new commenter or something. WP is so glitchy. They keep “improving” and screwing everyone up…smh

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                    1. Maybe it’s just a rumor… I’m sorry my readers have to deal with ads but I haven’t seen anything that makes me want to pay. It seems the more you pay, the bigger packages, whatever…just glitch more.

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                    2. I’m guessing. I know that when I look at my posts from my browser (I usually use the app) that at the bottom there’s a box that has words to the effect of “your readers will see ads here…upgrade, UPGRADE…GIVE US YOUR MONEY…then your readers won’t be annoyed”😂

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