Working on us mental health prompts

REBLOG: Ashley of “Mental Health @ Home” Utilized both prompts for week #2’s “Working on Us” series. Ashley’s summary of how she deals and copes with mental illness is pretty spot on. Thank you for sharing your feelings, Ashley!

Mental Health @ Home

It’s week 2 of Beckie’s “Working On Us” mental health prompt series over at Beckie’s Mental Mess.  If you’re interested in participating, hop on over to her page for the complete info.

sunflowers with dewdrops🌻 Prompt #1

What do you find to be the most challenging for you when it comes to your mental illness?  (You can give an example and also a means on to how to cope).

Sometimes it’s specific symptoms that are most challenging, but in the overall picture I think what’s been hardest is how much I’ve lost because of my depression.  The losses include happiness, interest, enjoyment, and functional ability.  This has been a change since earlier on in my illness, where I would have episodes of illness interspersed with periods of full remission.

face masks showing different emotions🌻 Prompt #2

See image to the right

I wear masks less often now than I used to.  That’s partly because I just can’t…

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