June 12, 2019, “Working on Us” Mental Health Prompts: Week #2

Lágrimas da madrugada... ❤ ❤ ╰»❥ ღ ✿⊱❥╰»❥ ღ✿⊱❥

Hello, All!  Welcome back to ~🌻~ Working on Us ~🌻~ A Mental Health Prompt Series! I am sincerely proud of how many of you joined in last week, and hopefully, week #2 will be the same if not better!  The more we talk, share, and support one another, this community will flourish!


Each week I will ask a question or questions pertaining to mental health or I will even go as far as posting a photo prompt.  Your job if you so choose to join along, is to write a post on your own blog, and creating a ping-back to the original post.  

🌻It is up to you the reader to decide if you want to write a non-fictional or fictional piece, poetry, short prose… Whatever you like and/or whatever you feel most comfortable doing.  Whatever you choose to do, I will, therefore, reblog what you have written.  This is one way to not only promote your site but also spread awareness to all things mental health related. 🌻

As an added bonus… Since there are so many different mental health illnesses/disorders,  YOU, the blogger can send me a comment as to what you would like to be the next question (s), and they will be addressed in future posts.  

🌻What is the reason behind the “Mental Health Prompt of “Working on Us” (?) It’s fairly simple actually.  I’d like this series to be an all-inclusive mental health community blog in order to be a source of more support towards one another.  Idea’s, suggestions, and advice can be shared amongst the group.🌻

So, Are We Ready for Week# 2?  I am going to start with two prompts.  You can pick one or both, and again, you can choose how you want this to be written.  Don’t forget to create a pingback to the original post, this way I can share with more people within the mental health community, as well as promote your blog site!

🌻 Prompt #1

What do you find to be the most challenging for you when it comes to your mental illness?  (You can give an example and also a means on to how to cope).


🌻 Prompt #2

What are some pictures (without text) with deep meaning(s)? - Quora


I look so forward to hearing from many of you again, and I think the mental health community does too!  Oh!  Before I forget, this will run until next Wednesday, June 19th!

Thank you in advance, and God Bless You!

Beckie 🌻



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16 thoughts on “June 12, 2019, “Working on Us” Mental Health Prompts: Week #2

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    1. Hello, Saro…
      You copy the title of the original post, and in the header of you own post there will be an icon that resembles that of a paperclip lating down. Click on that, paste the original title in the second spot down, then check off the box that says enter in new window.
      IF this doesn’t work… Write your post, after hitting publish twice, you have the option of hitting copy before you close out your post. Then just take what you copied, and add it to the comment section of original post.
      I hope this was helpful.


      1. Ugh, I had that problem — remember? I tried reblogging one of your posts but the Reblog button disappeared. So annoying. I’m glad I was able to participate this week! 😀

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