“Three’s a Crowd” (Short Prose) What do you See? June 4, 2019, Challenge & Word of The Day Challenge – Rope 06/04/2019

cat courtships

“Three’s a Crowd”

(Short Prose)


Graceful, Katy Kitty

flaunted her long white fluffy tail,

flirting with the male studs in the city.

She sort of had a thing for Simon,

but he always howled at passers-by,

always something to chime in.

Then there was Rudy… ‘Ah, adorable Rudy,

he was such a handsome cutie!’

One evening,Β  Simon met Katy up on the rooftop,

he was only interested in one thing,

so, Katy gave him a sturdy swap.

“I’m not that kind of kitty” she exclaimed,

“If you wanna hang with me, you better behave.”

Rudy was on the street below when he heard Katy yell;

‘I’ll save Katy from that mean ole’ stray Simon,

how dare he goes after my gal, I’m gonna send him straight to hell!’

He then looked for some rope in order to scale the buildingΒ 

but realized there was none, but he couldn’t give up hope.

Rudy scaled the building with only his sharpened nails,

it was only three floors up, and he could hold his balance with his tail.

He finally made it to the top, hanging off the gutter,

when he heard Simon start to stutter;

“Katy, my darling dearest, please forgive my stray ways.

Give me another chance, and I’m sure you would want me one fine day.”

Rudy dangled three floors above,

waiting to hear how and what Katy would then say.

“Simon, my heart belongs to another,

and if he ever gets here,

he’s going to kick you into the gutter!”

Rudy clawed his way, his hind legs pushing and pushing,

he had to make it up there, one way or the other,

if he were to fall, there below was no cushion.

Simon could hear the sounds of nails scratching,

he bent over just enough to see Rudy, there dangling.

Simon screeched, “She’s all your man, she doesn’t want to fool around,

she wants a cat that can perform like a circus clown!”

Katy leaned over and was frightened by this sight,

“Here, grab my paw, and I’ll help you from your plight.”

By this time, Simon scurried away to find another fur baby…

While Rudy cuddled up to Katy, his beloved little lady.



BC 2019




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