~💚~ Welcome to Mental Mingling ~💚~ Mental Health Awareness Month Meet & Greet! ~ Final Week!

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Hello, One & All!  Well, this is the last and final week of “Mental Mingling” The Mental Health Meet & Greet.  I want to send out a humungous THANK YOU! to all the participants that shared their blog links amongst other blogger’s within the mental health community.

I hope all of you have had a chance to meet, and get to know one another throughout the future.  I still have a couple new bloggers to add before the month is over.


May 31, 2019, R.S.V.P.’s Are As Follows:

Late Edition: https://bodystories.home.blog 

My name is Priya Thiagarajan. Here’s my blog: https://bluewhistlingthrush.wordpress.com/

~ 💚 ~

 I’m Katie and my blog is called “Confessions from a Sufferer of Anxiety and Depression: The Real Truth.” My link is https://confessionsofasuffererofanxietyanddepression.wordpress.com/

~ 💚 ~

May 24, 2019, R.S.V.P.’s Are As Follows:

Tina of “Really Real Blog”



Kristy of “Accepting My Mind”


May 17, 2019, R.S.V.P.’s Are As Follows:


Anonymous of “Blurry Thoughts”



Natasha of “In My Head”



Aoifs of “Twenties Tales”



Nathan Smith of “My Brain Is Not Broken”



***Jen aka “Grandma Auburn”   (Site not being able to obtain)



***https://mentalhealthawareness.new.blog/  (Site not being able to obtain)


Jean of “One Fierce Voice”



Selena of “Cooking With Klonopin”



Pat of “Child of God”

***https://godandidiotblog.wordpress.com/  (Site not able to obtain)


Sarah Mullican of “Between Two Poles”  (Site not able to obtain)



May 10, 2019, R.S.V.P.’s Are As Follows:


Nova of “Nova’s Namaste 365 Online”



Clive of “Bipolar? It’s Not All Doom and Gloom”



Penny of “Penny Wilson Writes”



Wrae M. Sanders of “One Blog. One Day At A Time”



Johnzelle of “Perfectly Imperfect”

Feel free to feature my MH blog in an edition. PanoramicCounseling.com/blog
Melanie C. of “Sparks From a Combustible Mind”
Maranda Russell of “Maranda Russell”
Toni of “Lady of The Lake NC”
Carissa of “Becoming The Very Best You”
Casey Elizabeth Dennis of “This Bipolar Brat”
Nida Elley of “Love Lorn. Me”
Christina of “Sea of Wordsx”
Astrid of “Astridetal”
Lavender of “Lavender and Levity”

May 3, 2019, R.S.V.P.’s Are As Follows:

Barb of  “Bipolar Barb”


Ashley of “Mental Health @ Home”


Angela of “I Am My Own Island”
Ummi of “Too Sweet Site”
Smita aka dharkanein of “My Expressions”



Liz of “My Well Being And Learning Journey”



Candace of “Revenge of Eve”


» Mental Health Awareness Month Video PSA - Be The Change


Mental Health Awareness

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

We are all here for a reason and a purpose.  Our stories are worth sharing, and our journeys are far from over!  We are a support to one another, and a force that no one can take away from us.

Thank You & God Bless All of YOU!

~ Beckie ~



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