“What The Future Holds” (Poem) What do you see? – Challenge & Word of The Day Challenge – Delicious

Helene of “Willow Poetry” What do you see? Challenge combined with “The Word of The Day Challenge” – Delicious.


“What The Future Holds”



Four months had passed

the ultrasound concluded,

no questions asked.

She prepared a delicious meal

for when hubby would arrive home,

full of delight she released a little squeal.

He walked in the door and asked:

“What’s this all for?”

She wrapped her arms around him,

her joy she could not mask.

“Come sit, I have a surprise!”

as she leads him to the table…

“Just sit here and wait, make sure to close your eye’s.”

He was full of anticipation, a little unstable.

“You know I had my appointment today, right?”

she stated matter of factly…

“Yes, I know, is everything with the baby alright?”

The first time Dad inquired with a touch of anxiety,

“When can I open my eyes, what are you hiding from my sight?”

He heard her place something on his plate,

then a little giggle of pleasure.

“I can’t keep this up much longer, I can’t wait!”

He opened his eyes and looked down to see,

a little blue present tied neatly in a bow,

“It’s a Boy!” He shouted with glee.

The two parents to be embraced and cried tears of joy,

the two unwrapped the little blue present

revealing the picture of the ultrasound,

the first picture of their baby boy.


BC 2019





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