S.Y.K. – So You Know – “Revenge of Eve” Series – Questions & Answers

Revenge of Eve

YO, Yo, Yo! It’s our favorite day of the week but this Monday is different because all most of my lovely followers are off for Memorial Day!! Gotta love a holiday weekend 🙂

– Happy Memorial Day –

Monday just happens to be my day off and it is no surprise it is my fave. The bonus is learning about fellow bloggers through the series S.Y.K.!

If you aren’t familiar with how this works, just follow a few simple steps and give your readers insight into the person behind the scenes – YOU!

  • Answer a few questions by creating a post on your site or you can answer in the comment section below. Answer all or a few, it’s up to you.
  • If you create a post, link back to this week’s S.Y.K. post. Don’t know how? Let’s chat and I’ll walk you through it.
  • My only request is that you be honest with your answers.
  • Have fun. Be silly or serious – whichever fits the tone of your site
  • Be you because that’s who we want to learn about.

This Week’s Questions

  1. What is your favorite part of summer?  I have a few things actually… Not getting stuck behind school buses. The smell of rain after a really hot day, going to the park to feed the squirrels, and the feeling of lazy days. 
  2. Do you swim in bodies of water that are questionable? Like where you cannot see the bottom – lakes, ponds, the ocean… if so, what’s is your fear in doing so?  To answer the first question, Not anymore!  The last time I attempted that I was clamming on the shoreline of Assateague Island in only two feet of water, couldn’t see my feet and stepped on something that squirmed.  I freaked and walked on water to get back in the boat.  Never again! 
  3. What is the average temperature (Fahrenheit) of summer in your area? 85-90’s, sometimes it reaches over 100.
  4. Do you have access to a pool? If so, is it your own private pool or a complex pool?  There’s a pool in our townhouse community, but I’ll be damned if I’m swimming in that.  Too many baby diapers swimming in that thing.  (Not that I don’t love babies) just don’t want swim with dirty diapers.  LOL!
  5. What ocean is closest to you?  Atlantic Ocean

See, that wasn’t so bad! I can’t wait to read your answers and pin your location on a map that I have decided to keep close by to have a visual of where my blogging friends are located.

Thank you!




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