“Ice Cream Luncheon” (Short Story) The Haunted Wordsmith Non-Fiction Challenge

Hello, All!  Hope you are all doing well today.  I missed quite a few prompts and a lot of reading yesterday… So, guess what I’m doing now?  LOL!

The wonderful Teresa, of “The Haunted Wordsmith”  Non-Fiction Challenge is as follows: Today’s prompt: Ice Cream Memories

I had been working for a company that dealt with rehabilitation and radiology equipment for nearly seven years in the accounts payable department.  (This was when I was living in Shirley, New York.  

This company was one of two companies that I truly loved working for because it was more or less like being on a TV sitcom.  All the characters were the same, but the day to day was always different and a majority of the time we were always laughing.  It was a job I looked forward to going to.

Due to the length of time, I was with the company, we all knew each other more so than our families because of the time spent together.  We were there during weddings, births, deaths, and birthdays.  I especially had an amazing bond with my boss, Elizabeth.  To this day, I miss her wit and comical force.  We knew how to be a boss/employee at work, but outside of work, we had developed a great friendship.

I should be fair, we were all very close-knit, and I loved these people!

It was shortly after the horrendous attack of 9/11, that my husband and I had split up.  The entire group of them were there for me every step of the way.  They had all kept me as busy as possible to avoid melting down.  

I made several trips back and forth to New Jersey to visit my family over the couple of years that followed my divorce.  But, it was in mid-August of 2003, my niece was born.  And, it was over the Winter of 2004, that I experienced a flood in my basement apartment.  I needed to make a decision… That decision was to move back to be closer to my family in order to be closer to my niece and help out where needed.  I sincerely thought it was the best move for me, but years later… That proved to be a sad mistake.

I had given my company not two weeks notice but more like two months notice.  I had a lot of responsibilities, some of which no one even knew how to do themselves.  So, needless to say, I thought it only fair to stay on until everyone was trained, including my replacement.

During this period of training everyone, I was thrown so many “Good-bye” parties.  Luncheons, and Dinners.  But one party stood out the most.  An Ice Cream Luncheon held by the companies accounts payable/receivable departments.

Every topping imaginable, and at least a minimum of six different flavors of ice cream.  It was my last and final day of working for a company I considered home to me.  That last party lasted a good portion of that afternoon, and we all ended up feeling rather ill from consuming so much ice cream, but it was so worth all the fun! 

Heck, if I hadn’t divorced, I planned on retiring from that company.  There was plenty of laughter, and tears that day, mostly between my boss, Elizabeth and I.  Heck, saying good-bye to all my friends was so heart wrenching. 

Honestly, after everything that has happened with my family over the years since I moved back to New Jersey, I find leaving there was one of my biggest regrets.  They were more of a family to me than mine could have ever been.  But, it happened.  Can’t turn back the hands of time, but I at least have such wonderful memories of that whole place of characters.

Thank you, for reading!


BC 2019




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