😏 May 22, 2019: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts

Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting. - William Arthur Ward


“Forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean to erase wrongdoing.Β  It’s a process, a choice to heal from an unseen wound left in your heart and mind.Β  Forgiveness doesn’t excuse another’s behaviors, it’s a means to moving forward.Β  Not necessarily letting go, but forging ahead and not allowing it to weigh you down.”

~ Beckie Cutler ~



Quote Credit: Brainy Quotes and Me, Myself & I

23 thoughts on “😏 May 22, 2019: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts

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  1. So well said. I keep telling myself I will forgive, but have not managed that yet. Perhaps it will come in the future, but maybe not. At this point, anger at the surgeon who caused my present situation is keeping me going. At some point, I guess I will not need that anymore and perhaps then I can forgive.

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