Blogging—- I did it ; 1000 posts!

REBLOG: I’d like to personally share this milestone with you all. Sadje of “Keep it Alive” is an awesome storyteller, poet, and so much more. Please make a point if you haven’t to go check out her blog!!

Keep it alive

Eight months!

It took me eight months and a few days to get to this milestone.

Just wanted to share this bit of good news with you all. So if I was like Fandango, I would post an analysis of my posts. How many on which genre or topic. But I am;

A. Too lazy

B. Short on time

So let’s just say that apart from a few reblogs, I have written that many post.

They include poems, short stories and dedicated blog posts. I am happy with most of them. If they all are not good, they have helped me to write better. And that is what counts.

I want to write stuff that makes my readers think, make them smile or just something silly to suit the prompt. The aim of my blog is still;

” To address the issues women over fifty are facing “


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20 thoughts on “Blogging—- I did it ; 1000 posts!

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  1. Congrats. How do you get those things with the numbers in? I never once showed my 100 500 or others, followers and posts. I have thousands of post but I never saw a pretty round thing with a number. Does the Word Press do that? Because if they do they skipped me, LOL

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    1. I’m not the one deserving of the 1000 followers. It was a reblog I posted for Sadje of “Keep it Alive” –
      Wordpress usually sends out the message of when you have hit a certain amount of followers. It usually shows up in the comment section of the all the blogs comments that come in.

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      1. Haha… this is too funny… I missed the world all and period… I thought you were sharing it with your friend Sadge… that is just hilarious!! It pays to keep my reading glasses on at all times, especially with READING 🙂 🙂 Nevertheless, my friend. here’s to your prolific pen, may it never run out of ink 🙂

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