“Salem Spells” Fandango’s Word of The Day Challenge – Anomaly & #WritePhoto – Thursday’s Photo Prompt

For visually challenged writers, the image shows three figures that seem to be female and made of branches, with their hands joined.

It was 3 am June 1692, when three witches escaped prosecution from the trials held in Salem, Massachusettes. 


They ran through the streets hiding behind homes

then off through the forest, they would roam

Their fellow sisterhood would burn at the stake 

because of noblemen making a mistake

The Witches found a clearing and it was decided

they’d gather twigs and branches that the earth provided

The Witches formed one another and had them gather around a fire

 they agreed this was the only way to disappear before they become expired.

While the fires burned and embers glowed

they decided to set a spell against the noblemen they have known;

“We cast this spell into the night

to bind the enemies and limit their fight

By earth, by wind, by water, by fire

we wish to end their chase to kill as they desire

Their evil words and falsehoods they spread

will now cause them a great deal of dread!”

Off in the distance, they heard the men’s chatter

the Witches grabbed the belongings as they heard the horse’s hoofs clatter

The noblemen arrived with astonishment in their eyes

The Witches frames glowed and burned under the evening’s skies


It is the present day and the tales are still lively

The Witches form still stands in place, an eerie anomaly.


BC 2019



FOWC with Fandango — Anomaly

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