“Preservation” (Poetry) – Word of The Day Challenge – Vault

l Cam de Leon (born in Modesto, California in 1961) is an American artist who specialises in surreal darkly fantastic imagery. He created some of the band Tool's early artwork, as well as working as a digital illustrator, doing concept and visual development and character design for the feature animation industry. He worked as a digital illustrator for movies such as Ghostbusters, Hook, The Sum of All Fearsand The Cat in the Hat. He also worked with Nvidia on ...




The unmerciful entities

that try to grip at my soul,

remain confined within’

the vault of my mind.

Behind eyes of brownish green

and a grimace beneath crimson lips,

you will never see the evil lurking,

I’ll safeguard you from their kind.


BC 2019

Picture Credit: Pinterest










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