“God?” (Short Story) A-B-C May 15th. Challenge by “The Haunted Wordsmith”

Prompt A (elemental challenge): threatening

Prompt B (sentence starter): “Someone is angry–very angry.”

Prompt C (photo):


(Short Story)


The only survivor to escape the Andrea Gail was being tossed and turned in the lifeboat by the threatening, churning seas of the mighty Atlantic Ocean.  

Lucus knew he would never survive if the tiny boat would plummet into the rocks offshore.  He tried with all his might to row the boat away and sought refuge when the harsh blackness of the clouds gave way to light in the distance.

Sunlight filtered through and shimmered off the cumulus clouds.  Lucus stared up at the skies, and for a brief moment, he had hope within his heart, that he would be able to reach home unharmed.  But suddenly,  the skies grew darker, winds thrashing at his stubbled growth, the seas grew more intense as Lucus saw the rocks in the not so far distance.

“Someone is angry-very angry” he exclaimed with his fist above his head.  Beads of sweat poured down like the damning rains.  “God, if I can’t save myself, will you please help me?”  Lucus screamed from the top of his lungs.  “Please God, please don’t let me die like this, I beg you!”  

Lucus succumbed to his plight and lay in the floor of the tiny lifeboat.  He could hear the waves crashing one by one with such force he thought for sure the boat would capsize. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer until the boat hit the rocks, but his exhaustion got the better of him and Lucus passed out.


The faint sounds of seagulls and the sea were what Lucas heard.  He coughed up the saltwater and dirt when he then heard a voice.  A deep voice, “Hey, hey buddy, you alright?” Lucas’s eyes could barely see anything but a silhouette blocking the sun.  He tried to speak, but his words came out in grunts, “Wha, what?”  The brawny man leaned in closer, “Buddy, I can’t believe you survived that storm.  Man, you were being watched over out there.  No one survived.” The stranger said with excitement.  

Lucus’s focus was improving as he sat upward.  The stranger helped him get to his feet, as they both looked at the remains of the splintered lifeboat bobbing up and down in the water up against the rocks.  Lucus fell to his knees, sobbing.  The man knelt down beside him and gently put his arm around Lucus.  “Man, God was looking after you.  It wasn’t your time to go.”

The End.


BC 2019










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