“The Oath” (Poem) Word of The Day Prompt – Keeper & What Do You See? May 14, 2019, Picture Prompt


“The Oath”



My authenticity is not one that seeks approval…

I am the keeper and beholder of such tranquility,

I am the protector of my own inner peace.

While the world I live in collapses around me,

I seek serenity and seclusion within the chambers I have built,

I ascent from the bowls that tried to destroy all that I have left.

Isolation is my salvation as I tend to the simpler things that matter if only to myself.

No one person can harm, reject, or pluck me from

the confines of my sanctuary, my oasis in the clouds.

I am the keeper and the beholder of such beauty,

I took an oath to protect myself and the only living thing that remains.




BC 2019






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