“Mother, You Are…” (Poem) Word of The Day Challenge – Motherly

“Mother, You Are…”


You are a beautiful song in a soundless room,

You are a prayer of faith during moments of doom.

You are the patch of blue in the grayest skies,

You are a glimmer of light to the guarded eye.

You are a tower of power to a terrified soul

You are a peaceful thought that calms a mind gone wild.

You have all the motherly qualities of giving all of yourself

for the sake of putting your children’s needs before your own.

You are not only the greatest mother any daughter could have

But, you are also the dearest friend and woman could have, 

and I’m so utterly fortunate to have both of you as one.

I am so proud you are my mother, and I hope others see

just a few of the fine qualities that you instilled in me.



BC 2019

Photo Credit: My own, My Mother, February 2019







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