“Where is Everyone?” (Short Story) What Do You See? Weekly Challenge

Helene of “Willow Poetry” has given us the following photo as a prompt to write anything we want.  This is my take on the following:


“One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten!  Here I come!” Bobby squeezed his eyes shut while leaning against the old tree alongside the river counting down as his friends scattered, and hid.

Pee-wee soccer was over by 2pm, and all the kids were waiting to be picked up by their parents.  But, as they waited, they grew bored and decided to play ‘Hide & Seek’.

All eleven children were hiding behind garbage cans, other trees, behind the restrooms, and even the vacant ice cream truck in the parking lot. They each took their turns and squealed with joy when they found their playmates, but soon the game was getting tiring.

Bobby and his playmate, Joey looked out over the parking lot a bit confused, not one grownup showed up yet.  Not one car in the parking lot at all, just the ice cream truck idling.  Big Jim wasn’t there either.

Joey reached in his back pocket and pulled out his phone.  He held it tightly, thinking to himself of what his parents told him to do. “Only use this in an emergency, Joey.  This is not a toy.”  As the words lingered inside Joey’s mind, he knew that mommy’s number was #1, daddies, was #2 and he was told to dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.

While the boys stood there examining the phone, one by one the other boys gathered around them.  “Bobby?” Louis asked, “Do you know what time it is?”, Bobby turned to Joey holding the phone in his hand and asked Joey if he had the time on his phone.  Joey opened up the phone and it showed it was 4:45pm.  Joey then announced to his playmates what time it was and asked them, “Did your mommies and daddies know what time the game ended?”  They all responded with nodding their heads up and down, some with tears welling up in their eyes.

Joey felt a tingling down his spine thinking, ‘is this what an emergency is?’ He then turned his attention to Bobby and asked, “Do you think I should call my mommy?”  Bobby and Louis answered in unison, “Yes, call your mommy!”

Joey felt a rush as he pressed #1 on his phone while all the boys stared and listened to the phone ringing.  No answer.  He then hit #2 for his daddy.  By this time all the boys were becoming scared, they all huddled together while listening to Joey’s phone ringing.  No answer.

Joey’s voice was shaky and he was now trembling.  He looked up while the phone he held in his hand was still ringing, “Do you think I should call 9-1-1?  Is it an emergency?” as one tear rolled down his dirty, sweaty face.   The boy’s all nodded in agreement when Bobby admitted, “Yeah, Jo, call 9-1-1, please.”

With his tiny fingers shaking, Joey pressed 9-1-1.  All the boys listened intensely.  The ringing was never answered on the other end.  All the boys stood there struggling with the notion of what was happening, where was everyone?  Why wasn’t anyone answering the phone?  It was now almost 5:50pm, no cars in the parking lot, the ice cream trucks motor faded, and the boys stood there by themselves. Joey closed the phone. All the boys started to cry when suddenly the little phone held in his hand began to ring.

Joey flipped the phone open, he didn’t even look at who was calling in, his voice was strained from fear, “Ah, Hello? HELLO!”

The voice on the other end whispered softly, a tone of sheer terror and in response to Joey’s hellos, and replied, “HIDE NOW!”  then the phone went silent.


BC 2019

What do you See? May 7/2019





















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