“Worth” (Poem) Word of The Day Challenge – River

A Girl Has Drowned ___________________________ And she soaked her feet. In the flowing river. And let her desires burn. One last time and die. Then she took a step. And walked into the silent river. And never came out alive. To the world of us mortals. "Drowned" said everyone in the town. "Drowned" said priest in the church. Of a girl who was a swimming champ in school "drowned" said her teachers and friends alike. "What happened to the poor girl?" asked a passerby. "Drowned" her father sighe



return to me, my love and beloved

without you here I belong to the obscurity of shadows,

deep, dark and, weighted down.

I’m a prisoner held captive, chained and bound,

sinking within the depths of the roaring river rapids.

I fight not to drown but to stay afloat,

with hopes of reaching the shores of your light…

your prolonged absence sinks my heart,

as the river rocks tear at my being,

gripping and ripping me,

my limp body is torn and weakened,

as I float, lifeless to the shores.

one last gasp of air freed from my lungs,

my blurred vision reveals your footprints

in the sands where you once stood…

I wasn’t worth the wait,

my soul rests uneasily on the banks of the river,

a prison of pain shadowed in darkness.


BC 2019

Picture Credit: Pinterest






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