๐Ÿ’šYou Are Invited To “Mental Mingling” ๐Ÿ’šRead Here For Instructions

There is more to mental health then just depression and bipolar. Mental Health has many different colors. Spread the awareness! Thank you.

Hello, To You All!!!!

As we in the Mental Health Community know, this is Mental Awareness Month.ย  Join the Meet & Greet of 2019!


Please submit your name, name of your blog, and a link to your blog in the comments section below.

Friday, May 3, 2019, starts the “Mental Mingling” – Old & New Bloggers alike, join in the fun by getting to know one another better.ย  This is a great way for the Mental Health Community here on WordPress to help one another, support one another, make acquaintances, and make new friends!ย  Spread Awareness, Break The Stigma, Share Your Journey!

Can’t wait to receive your R.S.V.P.’s here!

Take Care & God Bless!

Beckie ๐Ÿ’š



27 thoughts on “๐Ÿ’šYou Are Invited To “Mental Mingling” ๐Ÿ’šRead Here For Instructions

Add yours

  1. I remember you doing this last year and it was hopp’n!! For some reason, my spam folder was full with comments from you so I made sure to let WordPress know that it seemed to be targeting your blog (as far as my blog is concerned) as spam. They are supposed to look into it. I hope you didn’t feel like I was ignoring you ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Not possible!!

    Hello everyone else, I am Candace, you can call me Eve. Confused? Just how I like them over at Revenge of Eve because let’s face it, if you aren’t confused when you get there, you are sure to be by the time you leave! I am a creative, mental health blogger trying my best to get by daily. Some days rock and some freak’n suck but for the most part, I am breathing. Pop on over and say hello, subscribe, follow, chat, run wild and you’ll fit right in.

    Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest, Beckie. Love you.

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          1. I did on behalf of my blog because it was a good chunk of your comments that you’ve left. I was very specific about the importance of us keeping contact and that I had not had this problem before. They were looking into it around 11:30 pm last night.


  2. Last time I missed it but this time I won’t. Love you beckie for this oppertunity.
    I am Smita alias dharkanein, from my expressions. The blog contains not only my mental health joirney and how I use words to take out that darkness in me, but also has lot of different stories and poetries. It helps me distract my mind from being lured to the devils I tame in my mind.

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  3. Hello. This is all new to me, so not sure much what it entails than what I read here. I believe I have been following you for some time, so not sure if I came across it last year, or because the difficulties at times I just missed reading it.

    My blog is My Wellbeing and Learning Journey and my name is Liz. My blog can be found at: https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.wordpress.com

    It’s a personal blog that people can follow my journey of as the title says. My blog has covered my own mental health, my Wellbeing and my learning, with other topics in between of the same topic that I may share from what I learn, or see elsewhere and re-blog if similar, or same topics.

    Those that have followed most of my journey will known how I have grown for the better. It shows that my own mental health will never go away, but it does get easier, with odd difficulties in between.

    There are journeys I have shared not related to mental health, but some of what I share do help towards it, like getting out of my comfort zone a little and find new-found confidence from it.

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