Late Night Quick Draw ~ A Guy Called Bloke Game (Questions & Answers)

What the heck, I’ll play along with Rory’s “Late Night Quick Draw” Questions”  Here are my answers…




Late Night Quick Draw

Season 1

Describe yourself in 7 words?  A mental mess who is very hopeful.

What do you find funny? I feel like this picture above.

Favourite Food? Italian 

Favourite Tipple?  Recovering alcoholic, no tippling for me.

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?  Butter crunch.

Currently Reading?  “Psych Meds Made Simple” by our Ashley at “Mental Health @ Home”

Last Film you saw [Cinema/DVD]? “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Favourite Comfort Food?  Grilled Swiss on rye with bacon.

Ideal Breakfast?  Eggs Benedict

Favourite Music Genre?  Everything (minus hardcore rap)

Best Holiday you have had?  Christmas 1999

Holiday destination you would love to see?  Catherine from “Cyranny’s Cove” is really selling Denmark to me.

What’s your favourite animal?  I have two, sorry… Parrot & Pitbull.

Favourite Game?  Yahtzee 

Favourite sport [Take part in/watch]?  Football

Most Favourite Nursery Rhyme Growing Up?  I can’t remember that far back.  LOL!

Favourite Colour?  Have two, sorry…  Teal & Yellow

What would be your perfect day?  Sunny, in the seventies, nice breeze, laying in a hammock. 


Thanks again for the fun game, Rory!

Beckie 😉

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        1. It’s alright. Brandie had a wonderful full life of being the best dog I had ever loved. When I think of her, all I can do is smile to know I was blessed for having her in my life.
          It is sweet though… Peanut and Brandie were very close. Every so often, Peanut calls her name. That’s when the heartstrings are pulled. 😊

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