~*~ Healing Heart ~*~ (Poem)

Healing Heart



my heart has been on the mend

for what seems like an eternity 

gingerly, healing itself,

yet, fearing the hollowness might consume me,

leaving me for dead.

in time a quiet certainty, my soul would derive

seclusion and solitude on my own, all alone.


all these years have passed

as that of the changing seasons. 

I had isolated myself

searching for a deeper reason.

as divine intervention lent its hand

I inhaled slowly and took a leap of faith

the immense power of healing cured my

hearts wounds and seemingly began to culminate.


an opus of melodies lingers on moonlights mist,

manifestations of love float on dreamscapes.

my heart had felt an extraordinary sensation,

it began to flutter, resuscitate as if being kissed.

an angelic presence whispered softly,

ever so gently…

“it’s time for you to love again, it’s time for me to set you free.”








BC 2019

Picture Credit: Pinterest














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